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30 years in the business and still as sharp as ever

“To sculpt a head of hair with scissors is an art form. It’s in pursuit of art.” (Vidal Sassoon)

Hairdressing Salon Scissors is the expert and trusted supplier of hairdressing scissors in the UK for over 30 years.

We source and supply all of the top brands of hairdressing scissors available in the UK, including KAI KashoPassionIT&LYJoewell as well as our brand of quality scissors, BI Design.   A collaboration with the Passion scissor brand for twenty years to deliver multiple scissors with the stylist at the heart of its conception. We have available an extensive selection of hairdressing scissors and prices that range to suit your budget. 

Browse the website to view our selection of hairdressing scissors, all of which are available to buy through our secure server and also to spread the cost interest-free with our payment partner PAYPAL. If there is a particular pair of scissors that you can’t find, or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call Wayne at Hairdressing Salon Scissors on 01425 610398.

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Why choose our products

With over 30 years in the business, we know the demands of our stylists and work with them to provide the highest quality cutting tools to sharpen their art.  With our trusted brand partners such as Passion, Joewell, Kasho and our brand Bi Design which have been crafted with Passion scissors, all our products are guaranteed high-quality Japanese steel. We speak quality first as English is our second language.

Featured scissors

Kasho Impression

Uncluttered by convention, and free from preconception, Impression’s silhouette is clean, and its matt satin- finishing graceful. Even the ergonomic details, such as the camel back, offset handle and finger rest, subtly enhance the scissors’ sense of poise.
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Kasho Sagano Offset

Kasho Sagano

Sagano shares the features for which all KASHO scissors are valued like the superb steel alloy, mirror polished to a lustre. The KASHO Ultimate Edge of the finely honed blades. And the ergonomic shaping with the camelback and offset handle, for effortless performance.
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Kasho XP

Kasho XP

KASHO’s XP Series is designed to give salon professionals a better tool, in every way. For better ergonomics, KASHO provides the XP Series in an Offset design — and, in KASHO’s advanced new straight design, Semi-Semi-Offset.
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Passion Phantom Black

Passion Phantom

Phantom scissors have a fabulous black titanium coating for durability.  They also have an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort.
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Osaka Fly

Osaka Fly

Fly scissors are the slicing masters.  They have combination blades designed to excel in slicing and chopping motions in equal measure.
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Passion Colbalt Orca

Passion Cobalt Orca

Orca scissors have incredibly powerful sword blades to give you effortless cutting strokes and makes light work on any type of hair.
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Joewell Classic

Joewell Classic

For salon quality hairdressing scissors that can take the tough jobs, these Joewell Classic scissors are a top buy. Classically designed and ergonomically comfortable, the smooth action and lightweight feel makes these professional scissors perfect for everyday use. Available in 4.5” to 7.5” sizes, these Joewell scissors are the stylist best friend.
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Joewell Colbalt Black

Joewell Colbalt Black

The Joewell scissors range offer some of the most sought after and highly effective cutting tools in the market, and the Joewell Cobalt Black scissors are some of the best. Made by hand from premium quality black cobalt alloy, these scissors are tough, durable and perfectly balanced for precision cutting. Choose from 4.5” up to 6” lengths.
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Joewell FX Pro Offset

Joewell FX Pro Offset

The Joewell FX Pro Offset scissors take a step up from the FX range by introducing added features for the ultimate in comfort and cutting pleasure. The innovative handle design of these hairdressing scissors encourages natural movement, improving posture and reducing strain.
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JOEWELL was founded in 1975 as the leading scissor producer for beauty salons both in Japan and internationally. 

Joewell is renowned for its dedication to providing stylists all over the world with cutting tools that meet the different demands of all of our customers. Their expert craftsmen employ significant knowledge, as well as cutting-edge technology, to create award-winning designs and hand-finished scissors.

KASHO Handmade Scissors are the ultimate achievement of the “shisho,” a highly skilled craftsman who proudly engraves the KASHO mark on every pair of his scissors.

Every pair of KASHO scissors is a work of art in terms of shape, finish, and function. Today, each pair of KASHO scissors is the result of careful design and engineering with advanced materials and heat-treatment technology – and the blending of an integrated manufacturing process with skilled craftsmanship that meets the unyielding standards passed down through generations of Japanese Samurai sword makers.

Passion Scissors

Passion Scissors is one of the most renowned and well-known hair cutting scissors brands in the world.

They are well-known for their high-quality Japanese steel, which is utilised by barbers, and hairstylists globally. They’ve been making and selling hair scissors for over 30 years, with each pair crafted in Japan with high-quality precision. If you’re looking for a good set of hair cutting scissors, Passion might be your go-to brand.


With over twenty years of collaboration with Passion, we have designed the perfect cutting tool for you to create your masterpieces. 

Every great stylist requires the highest quality equipment, so we have partnered up with Dowa Passion to create our own range of scissors with over 3000 UK sales and counting. Our scissors are the result of years of experience and ongoing product improvement to give you the highest quality at an affordable price.

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It&ly hair and beauty: The highest quality cutting tools and implements. 

Miraki and It&ly scissors are well known and loved throughout the professional hair industry. Instantly recognised with their unique eye-catching designs-they really stand out from the crowd. With multiple ranges available to suit every hairdresser, barber and stylist. Stunningly crafted and precision-engineered scissors are a must-have in your day to day salon arsenal. 


"Well what can i say…. Wayne at Sciss ‘O’ Hans has been fantastic for myself and for my business. We have built a great relationship over the past 26 years. it’s like we are family"
Kerry @Equinox Southampton
Owner & Head Stylist
"I’ve bought Scissors from Wayne for the last 30 Years and recommend you do the same."
Jeff @ Jeffs T's Barber Shop
Owner & Head Stylist
"I've known Wayne for over 30 years having bought my 1st scissor from him. His knowledge and integrity is second to none and he will always have my custom forever".
Mel James @ Mel James 17
Owner & Head Stylist
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