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Joewell hairdressing scissors

Crafted from Japanese cobalt alloy, rendered into some of the most well engineered designs around, and at a price you can afford, the Joewell range of hairdressing scissors are some of the most popular in the hairdressing world today. Joewell shears are exceptionally well made and are well known in salons as high quality, premium hairdressing accessories, with the perfect solution for everyone from the novice trainee to the more experienced stylist.

All Joewell scissors are made in a state of the art facility in Iwate, in the heart of Japan. The manufacturing process uses precise computer aided design and production to produce a product that is absolutely flawless in every aspect. The ultimate finish of every pair of scissors is performed by hand, ensuring each and every item that leaves the factory has been completed to the usual high quality of this major brand.

The price and performance of Joewell hairdressing scissors spans the entire hairdressing industry. From the entry level Joewell New Era scissors, which have the same enviable quality but at a pocket friendly price, through to the ultimate pair of hairdressing scissors, the Joewell Craft, which combine everything you love about the Joewell brand into a truly sublime pair of scissors.

Expect nothing but the best with these professional hairdressing scissors, and explore the range to discover high quality, perfectly balanced thinning scissors, left handed scissors and even styling razors. Find your perfect partner with the Joewell stylists hairdressing scissors, brought to you at the lowest price around.

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