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KAI Kasho hairdressing scissors

When you need scissors that are tough enough for any job and durable enough to last you a lifetime, Kai Kasho have developed world class standards in terms of quality and design making them some of the most popular hairdressing scissors on the market. Our Kai Kasho scissors are offered at the lowest prices possible, helping you to get the very best in quality stylists scissors at a price you can afford.

From the simplicity of the Kai Kasho Blue series to the precision engineering of the Millennium series, every model of Kai Kasho scissors has been designed to make your job easier. With ergonomically designed handles, fixed or removable finger rests and perfectly balanced blades, these are scissors that have been designed for hardworking hands.

Kai Kasho have perfected a mix of two stainless steel alloys which meet and exceed the expectations of the highly demanding Japanese market. The sharpness of these blades is exceptional, and the robustness of the alloy mix means they retain their cutting edge much longer than some competitors. When you need accuracy, longevity and beauty, you can’t beat this range of immaculate hairdressing scissors.

Unique to Kai Kasho is the patented Disco Operation System, which provides optimum tension in bother the Millennium and XP series of scissors. Other ranges have an adjustable tension screw which can be adjusted to your preference for the ultimate cutting experience. With scissors to meet every experience level and budget, Kai Kasho are the number one choice for the serious hairdresser.