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Passion hairdressing scissors

One of the best known and most aspirational brands in the salon world, Passion scissors have been market leaders for over thirty years, bringing us the very best in innovative designs, high quality materials and perfect products for our hairdressing needs.

The company, Dowa International, are passionate about preserving the reputation of Japanese craftsmanship. Every pair of scissors produced by the company brings together ancient technology and heritage with modern designs and innovations. The result is a range of scissors which are suitable for every user’s needs and budget with absolutely no compromise on quality.

Passion hairdressing scissors are well known for their lightweight, super sharp blades, featuring perfect balance and ergonomic designs for optimum comfort and control. For a step up in quality, the Passion Cobalt range offers superior quality Japanese cobalt steel and a ball bearing screw system to keep the tension at the optimum level. The Damascus range of Passion scissors also blend an element of Damascus steel into the material to increase the feel and sharpness of the blades.

For iconic design, look no further than the Yasaka series of Passion hairdressing scissors, and for budget friendly quality blades in a range of beautiful designs, go for the Osaka or Kyoto range. Expect perfect balance, ergonomically led designs and click tension screws throughout the Passion scissors range, with high quality materials and robust construction ready to face any challenge.

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