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Tri hairdressing scissors

The Tri hairdressing scissors range is well known in the stylist world for having some of the most unique and eye-catching designs around. With a number of ranges to suit every taste and budget, these stunningly crafted and precision engineered scissors are a must have for any serious stylist.

A popular range from the Tri scissors range is the Miriaki scissors range. These durable hairdressing scissors are manufactured using the very finest quality Japanese cobalt steel and are available in a range of ergonomically led designs to give you the most precise and comfortable cut possible. These stylist scissors are available in offset, straight, slim and left handed designs with adjustable size finger rings for optimum comfort.

The Tri scissors range feature some stunning designs coupled with the same impeccable quality of the rest of the range. Razor sharp edges combined with the highest quality titanium and cobalt forged steel to bring you absolute precision cutting and effortless thinning and texturizing. Whether your preference is for zebra stripes, the bright shades of the Colorline Plus series or the super sharp blades of the Samurai range, there is something for everyone with these versatile Tri scissors.

For the stylist seeking the world’s very best offerings in terms of professional scissors, the Mizutani scissors from Tri will be hard to beat. Innovative design meets the highest quality of cobalt steel blades in an exceptionally well balanced product. Other scissors just don’t come close to the cutting action and unique quality of these superb stylists’ scissors.

As well as these high end products, Tri hairdressing scissors offer the entry level EKS range, the everyday high quality Insignia range and the fabulous range of brightly coloured blades available in the Colorline series. Whatever your needs, Tri have ensured there are a pair of high quality, professional standard hairdressing scissors that are just right for you.